Greetings from Wake Forest, North Carolina!  Liani, the kids and I hope you are all well.

Don’t you find it interesting to look back over your life and see how the hand of God has been at work during different points of your journey?  We wonder why things happen the way they do, and then one day in the future it all comes together and makes more sense.  When Liani, the kids and I moved to North Carolina, all we knew was that God had made it clear that we were to obediently follow the call to ministry education.  Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is known as a “Great Commission” seminary and focuses on finding ways to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through these connections and a lifelong passion of mine (albeit one I thought I would NEVER achieve), I would like to present an opportunity into which Liani and I are embarking.

Many of you have seen missionary aviation aircraft on the internet or television before.  Organizations such as MAF and JAARS fly Cessna 206 and larger aircraft into remote areas for missionary and humanitarian transportation.  However, they want pilots already trained to fly.  In addition, a new industry is sprouting up all over the globe and especially in the United States known as light sport aircraft.  These planes are two seat aircraft and fly for a substantially discounted price.  No, these are NOT ultralights, but are real airplanes!  Many manufacturers have seen the need for affordable “bush” aircraft and are purposely designing these aircraft to fly into very rough landing/takeoff conditions.  We want to help further this niche and train missionary pilots.  We are also going to assist in raising funds and interest in missionary aviation to financially assist in transporting pastors and missionaries to heretofore unreachable areas to spread the saving news of Jesus Christ.  I have discussed this with international missionaries and they are excited about the possibilities.

However, I have to finance my own training.  The cost to obtain all of the certifications to teach flying and airmanship and other missionary skills is approximately $50,000.  While this sounds astronomical and impossible, we are reminded that all things are possible with God.  Therefore, we are asking each of you to pray about supporting this ministry.  I am reminded that Scripture instructs us to either GO or SEND in regards to mission work.  I believe it is our responsibility to SEND missionaries by training them and helping them finance their aircraft.  We also don’t have to GO very far when students come here to the United States to train.  We hope you agree to join us with the responsibility to GO or SEND missionaries by helping fund this ministry.

If you would like to discuss this ministry further, or would like for us to come speak to your church, please contact us at greatcommissionaviation@gmail.com.


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