Well, I was hoping that I would be finishing my Private Pilot checkride and getting my license by the time that school started back.  Instead, here we are with school starting and I just soloed again.  The weather this summer has been atrocious.  Summer in the south means sunshine!  Instead, we have had low clouds every morning, clear up around 10 am, then thunderstorms begin around 3 pm.  That means good flying weather between 10 am and 3 pm.  Unfortunately, that is when I work during the week and when the other 350 members of the flying club want to fly on Saturdays.

Also, I found out that the flying club will be relocating to Burlington, NC in early September due to the airport at Sanford being shut down to repave the runway.  The “powers that be” state that the runway will be closed for 52 working days (yes, that exact).  However, this is a government contract and we are heading into fall/winter, so I don’t expect the runway to be open again until early 2014.

This will make things difficult as Burlington is a 120 mile roundtrip from Wake Forest.


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