2nd Solo completed!

Friday morning was good weather, so Richard and I took off at 7:30am, flew around for about 30 minutes and then Richard had me drop him off at the flying club.  I then had the plane for about 30 minutes by myself.  I flew to the practice area and just became more comfortable in the plane alone!  I have to say, it is kind of boring with no one to talk to.

After cruising around and practicing some “turns around a point” I flew back to the airport to practice some landings.  It was definitely an off day.  On a cool morning without another person in the plane, it just didn’t want to go down!  I kept coming in too high and fast.  I made 3 landings along with 3 go-arounds.

The forecast was for thunderstorms Friday afternoon (which never happened), so we canceled our planned flight to Fayetteville.  We are planning on doing that on Monday.


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