Flew with doors off!!!

English: steep turn to the left
English: steep turn to the left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After church on Sunday, I found a couple of hours to head up to Louisburg to fly the Remos light-sport again.  It was an absolutely beautiful day around 83 degrees, but windy (luckily the winds were straight down the runway)!  When I arrived, the plane was missing its doors!  This is possible in the Remos.  After strapping in, we took off with skydivers coming in to the airport about 1/4 mile to our left (hope they stay out of my way!).  It takes a little getting used to being out in the open like that with no doors!  Also, at 2,000 feet, it was a little chilly.  We had to turn on some cabin heat to offset the chill.

Let me tell you, doing a steep turn with doors off is a new experience!  A steep turn is a bank angle of 45 degrees to show the horizontal versus vertical component of lift (see picture at right).  At 45 degrees, you look left and you are staring straight at the ground with nothing there!  Nothing fell out though.  It became fun once you get used to it.  We also performed turns around a point around a barn and watched the cattle coming in for feeding time.  It was a blast!

We finished up by flying back to Louisburg (North Triangle Executive Airport, lots of fancy names around here) and practicing some touch and go’s.  I finished the day with the prettiest short-field landing I have ever performed.  Good enough to pass the FAA checkride even.  I came in and landed and was able to turn off the runway at the FIRST taxiway entrance.  I stopped on that high note.

BTW, my instructor for the light-sport has been David.  He has just left Kent State University as a flight instructor and is now in Wake Forest.  He is a nice guy and really knows his light-sports.


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