First Light Sport Solo!

In preparation for my solo cross country tomorrow, I flew the Remos GX solo around the traffic pattern and to the practice area today for about an hour. The Remos has tons of performance with two people, but with just me, WOW!!! I was at pattern altitude basically by the end of the runway (that is a slight exaggeration, but it was fast). My landings were actually pretty smooth, but I did land a little long due to the lighter weight in the airplane.

I also got to coordinate with other planes in the pattern, including taking off from a taxiway intersection due to a Cessna 172 with an instructor and student sitting at the entrance to the end of the runway and “discussing things”. I asked if they were ready to takeoff or if I should perform a short field takeoff. They were not ready, so I just took off with a shorter runway. Of course, not a problem solo in the Remos.

Tonight, I get to plan my cross country and figure my headings factoring in the winds aloft and such. I meet David tomorrow afternoon to go over my planning and then I launch into the great blue yonder.


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