Night Flying/Simulated Instrument

Well, I have scrubbed my long solo cross-country twice now for weather.  The first time, the projected sunny weather ended up to be low clouds and rain all day.  The next attempt was welcomed with beautifully sunny skies but 18 knot winds (approximately 21 mph).  My maximum as a student pilot is 15 knots.  I will attempt to fly the cross-country again tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, I flew over 2.5 hours today with Richard.  We flew close to dark so I could become current on my night landings.  I already had enough time flying at night from my previous training in Little Rock.  While waiting for dark, we flew to two other airfields and practiced landings.  He then made me fly without being able to see outside, only by instruments.  Even though the license is for visual flying, we still have to practice just in case something happens where you can’t see outside.

Just like most of Generation X that wants to be a pilot, I was raised playing Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Because of that, I seemed to fly more precise by just instruments than flying visually.  Richard made me fly all the same maneuvers by instrument only as I do flying visually (steep turns, climbing turns, slow flight, stalls).  Everything seemed to be great tonight.  Sometimes, things just click for a period of time.  Oh well, I am off to finish planning the cross-country again.  Long day ahead tomorrow.


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