Checkride Prep Almost Done!

The past couple of weeks, I have flown solo once and with Richard twice.  We have been completing my simulated instrument time with a hood on my head which only allows me to see the instruments.  I have to fly as if I can’t see outside.  We have also been reviewing all the different required maneuvers and “polishing” my skills.  Landing after landing after landing and stall after stall after stall.  He said that I am within standards and would like to schedule my checkride within the next couple of weeks.  That is the final exam for the private pilot license.  It will be a long day.  Typically, a FAA checkride will last 4-5 hours!  The examiner will start with the oral portion of the exam and ask me questions in a conversational format about all of the “book” stuff, including required documentation, medical issues, aerodynamics, radio, navigation, instruments, engines, etc.  After he/she is satisfied that I know the information, we will get into the plane and I will treat the examiner just like a passenger, except he will let me know what he wants done.  After I demonstrate all the maneuvers, he either passes me or fails a portion of the exam.  If he fails a portion, I will have to fly with Richard again, he will have to sign off that I have learned the missed portion of the exam, and then I retake that portion with the examiner.

Well, it is time to really hit the books for a couple of weeks to brush up on everything.  Hopefully, my next post will be at checkride time.


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