Good Example

I wanted to let you guys know of a good example of what Great Commission Aviation is being created to do.  I have made friends here at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary who are in the foreign mission study field.  We will call them Bill and Sue to keep them anonymous on the internet.  The International Mission Board (IMB) wants missionaries to not be identifiable as Christians on the internet so we try to scrub their identities.  Anyway, Bill and Sue want to present the Gospel to nomadic tribes in the North Africa desert.  He has a private pilot’s license but had to pay an exorbitant amount of money to obtain the license.  He explained that driving around the desert looking for the nomadic tribes is almost pointless, but a small plane could locate them by air, then land or fly back to a landing strip where an off-road vehicle could be used to reach the people group.  However, he doesn’t know of anyway to do this and no one will help.  Hopefully, one day in the not-so-distant future, Great Commission Aviation can be that help.

I am coming across these types of stories every day.  I am praying that we can assist these missionaries and future missionaries in their efforts.



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