Cross Country Time Building

After a 3 week lay-off from flying, I took my son on a short cross-country flight from Sanford (KTTA) to Clinton (KCTZ).  This is a flight of 52 nautical miles each way.  In order to qualify as a cross-country flight, it must be at least 50 nautical miles from airport to airport.  I have to have 50 hours of cross-country time in order to qualify for the instrument rating (plus other instrument training, of course).  My son absolutely loves flying!  He said the most fun was the “bumps.”  There was a little wind and light turbulence today, which is surprising, because it was COLD!  The little heater in the 152 really couldn’t keep up at 3,000 feet and we stayed bundled up in our coats for the entire flight.  Other than that, it was an uneventful flight on a beautiful day after Thanksgiving.  A lot of other people were taking advantage of the day off of work, or were tired of family, and were out flying today.  We had a very busy traffic pattern and my son enjoyed helping to look for traffic.

FYI, some have wondered why I don’t name my kids but due to the age we live in, I don’t want to identify them on the internet.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow will be another great flying day, but I am delivering the sermon on Sunday so I need to spend the day prepping and studying.


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