About to Start Another Chapter!

I have been spending quite a bit of time at the flying club these past couple of weeks.  The club has been running a rebate program to get people flying again after the winter lay-off.  Today, I wanted to get some cross-country time in and some crosswind practice so I flew a Warrior from KTTA to KCRE (North Myrtle Beach).  Even though I didn’t leave the airplane, it is still nice to see the beach every now and then.  Unfortunately, my crosswind practice was not as productive as I had hoped.  Winds were pretty blustery at the coast but straight down the runway!  They were picking up to a nice crosswind back at TTA, though.

Anyway, I spoke with an instrument instructor this past weekend to create a training strategy for the instrument rating.  He said to get about 10 hours of cross-country time in and then we would start training on the simulator.  I found that I can count cross-country time that is used as instrument training to knock-out two items at once!  That will save some time and money.

On another note, I take my 9 final hours of masters classes this summer and then potentially begin my Doctor of Education work in the fall.  I am certainly a glutton for punishment!


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