Beautiful Cross Country!

This morning I flew with a friend of mine that will be an international missionary with the International Missions Board (IMB).  Since he will be in the foreign mission field, I will not mention his name, but he is a licensed pilot himself and would love the opportunity to utilize aviation on the mission field.  In the meantime, we took the Remos light sport from KLHZ (North Triangle) to KISO (Kinston) and back.  The weather was perfect!  Light winds and cool temperatures.  An absolutely beautiful early-May Saturday.

photo (2)

Here is a selfie that he took to memorialize the flight.

photo (1)

I guess this is proof that I can pilot an aircraft.  I will try to upload a video later showing a crosswind landing of the Remos.  The winds were not too gusty but were directly across the runway.  This required a “sideslip” to landing and my right wheels touched down a couple of seconds before the left wheels did.

In addition, I have completed approximately 13 hours of Pilot-In-Command (PIC) cross-country time and can start Instrument training shortly.


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