Ready to Start Back!

Well, as to be expected, I laid off flying for Christmas.  Weather is always miserable this time of year and budgets and time are tight.  My Christmas presents consisted of ground school books, including Fundamentals of Instructing and Advanced Ground Instructor.  With these tests, I will have the ability to teach the Private Pilot Ground School.

Today, I went flying with Richard again in order to satisfy my Wings of Carolina Club Annual and check-out in the ubiquitous Cessna 172.  The annual is a requirement of the club where each year, a member has to fly with an instructor to make sure you are still proficient in your piloting skills.  I passed so I must be OK.  Actually, we flew to this little airstrip near Carthage, NC that is 2,500 feet long with a Barbecue restaurant on site.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to eat.  I hear it is great!

Instrument ground school starts this Monday and I will be back in the study grind again.  Time to hit the books!


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