Major Milestone Reached!

After a couple of months of intense studying, I sat for, and passed, the Fundamentals of Instruction and the Advanced Ground Instructor exams.  These exams are the necessary FAA requirements to become an Advanced Ground Instructor.  As an Advanced Ground Instructor, I can provide the ground training necessary for any certificate, other than an instrument rating, and endorse students to take the FAA written exams.

You actually have to visit your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO, pronounce “FIZZ-DOH” by those “in the know”) to obtain the Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate.  My FSDO is in Greensboro, NC and they only take appointments for Ground Instructor on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have an appointment this Thursday to obtain my temporary certificate.  The FAA will mail my actual laminated certificate later.

What does this mean?  I am certified by the FAA to teach the classroom portion of flying.  Students interested in flying should begin with a ground school to see if they are really into the technical studying required.  This class also prepares the students for their exams.  This really gets Great Commission Aviation into gear!