Going to Sun N’ Fun!

Well, I finished the Instrument Rating Ground School this past Monday and have the endorsement to take the Instrument Rating Knowledge Test.  However, I will have to delay to next week taking this test (and the Instrument Ground Instructor test) since I am heading to Sun N’ Fun today!  Sun N’ Fun (www.sunnfun.org/) is a huge aviation convention and airshow in Lakeland, Florida.  It is estimated that more than 250,000 people attend this event.  I am going because there are several hundred exhibitors of aircraft kits, components and training.  It will be a time to make contacts and complete a lot of research for potential mission aviation equipment.

I had planned on flying to Lakeland (about 4 hours total, including a fuel stop) but someone “broke” the airplane that I had reserved.  Instead, I get to drive 9-plus hours today and 9-plus hours back on Saturday.  I will be extremely tired but I pray that this trip is productive and, let’s be honest, fun.


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