Spring Ground School and Updates

Our Spring Ground School will begin Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 6PM.  Cost is $95 and the class will be held at the North Triangle Executive Airport Conference Room.  We will meet from 6PM-9PM for 11 weeks.  Send an email if interested in registering.



I have been busy preparing for the Commercial Rating Checkride and will take the Checkride within a couple of weeks.  In order to prepare for the Commercial Rating, I have been training in a Cessna 172RG (Retractable Gear).  This plane is fun to fly and is interesting in that it retracts its landing gear like a wasp.  Here are a couple of generic pics of a 172RG:

Our further plans include attending a 15-day flight instructor training camp during March, visiting Sun-N-Fun again this April and potentially flying to Eleuthera once again later this Spring.


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