Spin Training! And other items…

It has been awhile since I have posted an update, but rest assured, we have been busy!  I have been spending my time preparing for the Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Checkride with the FAA.  This practical exam must be performed with the FAA and is expected to last 6-8 hours!  This is the license to teach so the FAA takes it very seriously.

In preparation, I am required to become endorsed in spin awareness and recovery.  I was a little apprehensive about the whole ordeal and then started having fun, so forgot to take any pictures of the flying.  Here is a similar pic I found on Google (yes, you are pointed straight at the ground during this maneuver):

Courtesy http://www.sheltonaviationinc.com

You can find videos of spin training on YouTube so I won’t bore you with the details, but it is definitely an “unusual attitude.”

In addition, we have made several contacts over the past few months with other missionary pilots, including a missionary who served in the Philippines flying an ultralight.  We also spoke with another group of missionary pilots wanting to teach the locals of Papua New Guinea how to build and fly Just SuperSTOLs.  Finally, we have been assisting and visiting with the guys at Missionary Air Group in Burlington, NC (www.missionaryairgroup.org).  They are starting a training program in their newly refurbished Cessna 172M and are in the process of moving their staff and families to Burlington.

I am looking at scheduling the CFI Checkride for late July and then will immediately be available for training other potential missionary pilots.   Pray for us and wish us luck!

On a related note, we will start heavy fundraising for family financial support and operational support soon.  Please start praying about how God is asking you to help!


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