Gyroplane Pilot/Instructor

This past week, I had the opportunity to train in Sebring, FL in this:


This is an ELA Eclipse-10 gyroplane.  It is owned by an aspiring-pilot here in North Carolina (edit: he sold it the week after I trained in it, but is ordering another one in green) but it is still with Pictaio Aerospace in Sebring since he doesn’t have a license to fly it.  I spent a week there first learning how to fly gyroplanes and then learning how to instruct in them.  It was a very intense week but I was endorsed as a gyroplane pilot on Wednesday and as a gyroplane sport instructor on Friday.  These aircraft are amazing! I wrote about their possibilities in the mission field a year or so ago, and am only more convinced today.


Here is a picture of another Eclipse driving up a driveway at an airpark in Florida.  As part of my training, I transported my instructor (Chris Lord) to several different airports and airparks for demonstration rides with prospective customers and training with students.  We cruised at approximately 115-120 mph without the typical turbulence felt in a light airplane on a hot, Florida day.  These gyroplanes are very stable and can take-off and land in very short distances (landings are almost 0 distance)!

I am very excited to see where the gyroplane opportunity leads for myself and Great Commission Aviation.  I only see promise from here!




4 thoughts on “Gyroplane Pilot/Instructor

  1. Kevin

    Hello. Where is a good place in North Carolina to get flight instructions for a gyro plane and maybe just an introductory flight in one? Thank you.

    1. In late April to early May of this year, Total Flight Solutions at KLHZ (Triangle North Executive) is slated to have a gyroplane for demos and dual instruction. I will be able to give you a demo then. Also, there is a group of gyro pilots at Anson County Airport (Wadesboro) called the Carolina Barnstormers. They are usually accommodating in getting someone a ride in a gyro as well, but no instruction.

      1. Kevin

        Okay. Sounds great. What is a good way to contact you to know when you would be there and to know a good time to come?

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