$1 a day?

IMG_0402 (2)

“Tower, Golf Charlie Alpha holding short ready for takeoff.”

“Roger, Golf Charlie Alpha, cleared for takeoff.”

Friends, as we enter 2018, the opportunities facing Great Commission Aviation are both exciting and overwhelming.  We have missionaries from all over the world giving us their stories about using micro-aviation in their mission fields and encouraging us as we face many of the same obstacles they did.  Each week, I receive calls from potential students looking to get into mission aviation, or who want to utilize aviation in their current and future ministries.  Personally, I have been blessed and challenged with many opportunities to serve others both ministerially and through flying here in North Carolina and around the country.  The role of the “preacher/pilot” is expanding and God is blessing this ministry.

However, we need additional funding to pursue these opportunities.  I want to personally thank all who have given to the ministry in the past and know that we are using your gifts wisely.

We are making the simple request that every friend of Great Commission Aviation pray for us as we continue to expand Great Commission Aviation.  In addition, we are asking each of you to commit to a $1 per day pledge ($30/month).  Please visit www.globalservicenetwork.org and enter your gift and frequency.  We greatly appreciate your financial assistance in our ministry.

Of course, if you cannot commit financially, please commit to continue to pray for us.  Please pray that we have wisdom and discernment in charting the future of the ministry.