Aviation Camp

During the first week of July, the family got to spend part of our vacation staffing the Mission Aviation Camp at the College of Missionary Aviation in Keystone Heights, Florida.  Michael was able to attend as a camper.  I helped teach ground school and flew the College’s American Ranger AR-1 gyroplane.

We stayed at Lake Swan Camp in one of the motel rooms.  Michael, of course, stayed in a bunkhouse with the other boys.  Each morning, the students were transported to the Keystone Park Airpark where they attended ground school and were given flights in several aircraft; 2 Cessna 172’s, a Robinson R44 helicopter, the AR-1 gyroplane, and a Cessna 310 twin-engine airplane.

Liani and Marissa were able to stay at the camp, as well, and Liani assisted wherever needed.  She mainly helped organize the students and helped me with preflight and other logistical matters for the gyroplane.

The students flew from 8:30AM to around noon each day.  They had the afternoon free for swimming and other activities.  During the evening, we all met for a worship service and heard speakers concentrating on mission aviation.  I was able to speak on Thursday about Great Commission Aviation.  It was a great time and we look forward to being able to attend again in the future.


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