Big Announcement!!

Hey Guys and Happy New Year!  We have some exciting news for 2019!  As many of you know, we started Great Commission Aviation approximately 5 years ago to expand the use of experimental, light sport and non-traditional aviation in the mission field.  Since then, God has opened many doors and we have had many ministry opportunities in this field of non-traditional aircraft.  I have been able to serve and fly all over the United States, and at fly-ins and airshows like Bensen Days, Sun N Fun and Oshkosh.

Well, this year, we are excited to announce that we will be joining with Harvest Aviation in Wauchula, Florida, to implement their new “Now Generation Training” initiative.  This training will involve boot camps to expose future and current missionaries to the use of aviation in their ministries and full-time training programs to educate missionaries on building, maintaining and flying light sport, experimental and other non-traditional aircraft, which we are calling “Now Generation”.  Liani and I both will be serving in roles at Harvest Aviation and we are ready to get started!

This means that we will be leaving Wake Forest, North Carolina, and moving to Wauchula, Florida.  This also means that we will be serving as full-time missionaries and are having to raise funds for all of our living expenses and benefits, such as insurance.  We will be asking each of you to become a ministry partner with us as we transition into this new role.  As a partner in this ministry, we ask first and foremost for prayer.  In addition, we ask for financial support.  This can be whatever God is calling you to give for His purpose.  Can you commit to $30/month, a cup of coffee a day, $50/month, the cost of one family meal out, or $100-200/month, or even more?  We will honestly say that this is the hardest part of joining the mission field, but we know that if God has opened these doors so far, He will provide.

We hope to visit with as many of you as we can during the next few months.  If we can come and speak to your church, mission committee or small group, we would love to get that coordinated.  We look forward to telling you more about this new adventure.  Talk to you later!



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