June 2019 – Getting Closer to Moving!

The time has been flying by and it is already the end of another quarter of 2019!  Welcome to Summer!  We have been extremely busy getting ready for the transition to Florida and Harvest Aviation.  The house has been cleaned and is on the market.  Kids have finished school and work schedules are being finalized.  Here are some of the other big events that occurred during the past couple of months.

During the last week of March and the first week of April, I had the opportunity to attend Bensen Days in Wauchula and Sun N’ Fun in Lakeland, Florida again.  This time, I attended as a representative of Harvest Aviation!  While at Bensen Days, I was able to offer some instruction to the buyer of an ELA Eclipse gyroplane (I instructed the original owner of this aircraft last year, kind of weird, huh?).  It was great getting to see friends and being able to fly in the warm Florida sun (now it is scorching!).  In addition, we were donated a partial Zenith 701 kit to begin construction training!!!


The following week was Sun N’ Fun in Lakeland.  I assisted AutoGyro with their booth and also manned the Harvest Aviation booth in the Aviation Missions Support Association (AMSA) booth (the big tent near the entrance of Sun N’ Fun).  We at Harvest were able to share our vision of light sport, experimental and non-traditional aviation with the other mission aviation organizations and I spoke and shared the vision with two different church audiences.  It was a great, but once again, exhausting two weeks.  I have been attending these events by myself for the past couple of years, but ,hopefully, Liani will be able to help during 2020 since we will be living in the area.

During Sun N’ Fun week, AutoGyro USA inquired about me assisting them while living in Florida.  This is a great opportunity to add some funding sources to the ministry!  I, of course, said yes and we started working on the logistics.  They asked me to attend a week-long intensive maintenance course covering all of their aircraft that was to be held in Maryland during June.  I just returned from that week of training and it was great!  I, not being a mechanic, learned a ton of information that is very helpful in training and flying in these gyroplanes.  We also ate some great seafood, of course, blue crabs, and I got some transition training in the AutoGyro Cavalon.  We will keep you up to date regarding new developments on that front.

The next time that write to you we should be living in sunny Florida and serving full-time with Harvest Aviation.  The planning on the maintenance course is coming along and we are going to have the flight-training shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, I will have access to at least one, if not two, gyroplanes for training.  Come down and see us!


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