September 30, 2019 Newsletter – We’re Here!

Happy Fall from sunny Florida!  I have been told that Fall in central Florida is simply Summer with pumpkins.  So far that is correct!

The biggest event that occurred during this quarter is that we moved from North Carolina to Florida to be fully involved in mission aviation training.  That happened 2 weeks ago and we are still living out of boxes!  The kids have been enrolled in schools here in Sebring and Marissa has already started as a pitcher for the middle school softball team.  Michael has gotten involved in robotics club at the high school and is driving on his own looking for part-time jobs!

Other things did happen during the Summer outside of moving.  I was able to attend Oshkosh again as a representative of AutoGyro USA.  Once again, Oshkosh is an overwhelming but amazing event.  This event was extra special as a memorial service was held in honor of those who were being added to the Memorial Wall.  Chris Lord was one of those names added and I was able to visit with his family and friends again at a dinner gathering and for the memorial.  The EAA conducted a great service including a “Missing Man Formation.”



Like I said before, we moved to Sebring two weeks ago.  Union Chapel Baptist Church had a send-off lunch for us and we will greatly miss our church and friends in North Carolina.

We have visited First Baptist Church of Sebring for the past couple of weeks and they are adopting us well.  We can see ourselves serving at that church (Michael is already in the sound booth observing!).

Finally, as always happens, God opens doors that we never consider or imagine!  The latest door has been my introduction and opportunity to assist instructing in Lockwood Air-Cams (!  I have been transition training in these aircraft for the past week or so and will train others in transition training, formation training, low level and off-airport training and will even be getting my Seaplane rating and training in the Amphibious version!  This is in addition to my gyroplane involvement.  Of course, these are great tie-ins to our version of missionary aviation training and will be great assets to have!

Sorry for the lack of pictures as I am using Books-A-Million WiFi since we don’t have full internet access yet at our rental house.  Hope everyone has a great Fall 2019!



Last Post from North Carolina!

I sit writing this as a major hurricane is moving slowly up the Florida coast towards the North Carolina coast!  The house is under contract and slated to close next week.  The first POD has been filled and is being picked up this afternoon.  We found a place to live in Sebring (about 30 miles from Wauchula) and the moving truck heads that way next Thursday!  This is really about to happen!

The next time that I write to you should be from Florida.  Please be in prayer for the family transitions, such as school and Liani keeping her position with Southeastern, but working remotely.  In addition, we are still looking for funding!  We reached our first tier goal but need an additional $1800/month to reach our next goal.  Please pray and visit to support.