March 31, 2020 Newsletter

This newsletter is getting written while the world lives in the Twilight Zone!  The coronavirus has shut down everything that we know and flying has come to a standstill.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip back to North Carolina for Liani to attend some work meetings, to visit friends and for me to preach and give updates to Union Chapel Baptist Church.  Bensen Days and Sun N’ Fun have both been delayed, and in all probability, will be cancelled for this year.  Still, we have some things to report.


This is picture of the hangar at Lockwood.  I have been flying a lot of AirCam on amphibious floats and training customers for their Multi-Engine Sea rating.  I am quickly becoming known as the “Preacher/Pilot” here in Sebring, as well.  So much so, that one of our vendors asked me to fly with a MK (missionary kid).   “William” was staying here in Sebring with his grandparents and lives with his full-time missionary parents in Benin, in Africa.  He told our vendor that he wanted to be a missionary pilot as a career and this vendor immediately called and asked if I would take him for a flight.  Of course I said “yes” and we flew an hour in the Tecnam.  William did great and left with a huge smile on his face.


Also, in January, I was approached by John Rousch, who administers the High School Aerospace program at the Sebring Airport about teaching ground school to high school students interested in pursuing their Private Pilot Rating.  I spoke about this program in the last newsletter.  I agreed to teach the ground school, and outside of Spring Break and coronavirus break, we have met every week this semester.  The kids are taking their studies seriously and look forward to beginning flight training.


I have also been spending time at Harvest working on the finances.  It has been a challenge fitting it all in, but doable.  We were working really hard for Bensen Days and Sun N’ Fun and are disappointed that they are postponed but we keep pressing on.

Michael has started volunteering with the community theater and is helping with lights.  Marissa started playing volleyball for the school and is still on the travel softball team.  Unfortunately, both of these activities are on coronavirus hold as well.

It will be interesting to come back and read this newsletter when the virus episode has passed.  Have a great Spring and welcome back the warm weather to you guys that get Winter.  It’s been warm the whole time here in Florida!