Come On Down!

It’s been a WILD year, hasn’t it? I noticed that I haven’t written an update in almost that entire year! Things came to an absolute standstill, in what we referred to as “house arrest.” However, things have been happening, and we are ready to expand the ministry to what we feel God has ultimately called us to do.

My training role with the AirCam took a one-month Covid hiatus in April of 2020, but other than that, we have been training. We just recently signed off our 54th student for Multi-Engine Sea! Considering that there are only approximately 3,500 pilots in the United States rated in Multi-Engine Seaplanes, we have added over 1% to the total population! We still provide transition training and AirCam experiences in the Conventional AirCam, as well.

Harvest Aviation has still been very busy too! I am the Director of Finance and we are journeying through the process of becoming ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) certified. The number of ministries and missionaries that we support in Belize and Honduras is growing and we are still delivering disaster relief to the Bahamas! The amount of cargo that we are sending to Central America has become so large that we have outgrown our aircraft and it is more cost effective for us to charter jet cargo aircraft to carry it to Belize/Honduras than for us to fly it. We still do fly a lot of trips to the Bahamas and take small loads and passengers to Belize/Honduras.

As you remember, we moved here to train missionaries in utilizing light-sport and experimental aircraft in the mission field. My role with Lockwood has allowed us to now offer accelerated Private Pilot training all the way through Commercial training in Lockwood aircraft. We have housing available through church members and others to house missionary trainees. We have mechanic training/internships available with both Lockwood (working on light sport and Rotax engines) and Harvest Aviation (working on our Piper Chieftain and other certified aircraft). With many students taking courses online, and supervised internship credits available, there really isn’t a better time to come to Florida for someone called to missionary aviation!

On a personal note, Michael is now a Senior in High School and is working and studying in the Sound & Lighting Design industry. Marissa is a Freshman in High School and is still VERY active in competitive softball (she is 1 of 2 starting Freshman on the High School team). Liani continues her work with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is actually enrolled in a Masters program herself.

Continue to pray for our world and for this ministry. God has called individuals and families to the mission field and we need to help equip them in their endeavors!


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