Written Exam Passed!

I just finished the written exam and made a 90%!  The required grade to pass is a 70%.  A couple of the questions that I missed were just plain stupid mistakes.  I also didn’t know the visibility requirements for acrobatic flight as that doesn’t really pertain to me.

I fly my pre-solo checkride with George, the Chief Flight Instructor, on Thursday evening.  If I do well enough, I will be soloing shortly.  Exciting, and stressful, at the same time.


Ground School Done!

I finished the 45 hours of Private Pilot Ground School on Monday and made a 94% on the final. Now is the time to take the real deal – the FAA PPSEL (Private Pilot Single Engine Land) exam. I will hopefully get that scheduled next week.

I was also able to fly with Richard for the first time in weeks. The weather has been horrible for a summer in the South. Thunderstorms or rain every day! We practiced takeoffs and landings for the entire time. He says that this is coming back to me and I should be ready to solo again fairly quickly. I am glad he has confidence in me because I feel like I’ve been riding a bull for the entire morning!