Cross-Country Tour Around Raleigh

Today I took my son for his first flight in the Remos GX light sport.  He loved it!  He said he had more room and the visibility was much better than a Cessna 152.  I agree.

We left North Triangle (KLHZ) at 2:45pm and flew north of Raleigh over Wake Forest and Falls of Neuse Lake to Burlington (KBUY).  North Triangle was extremely congested and busy with glider flights, skydivers and various other planes in the area.  It was a relief to get away!  Raleigh Approach provided flight following air-traffic control for us as we were close to the departure areas for Raleigh-Durham International (RDU).  The guy at Burlington welcomed us and asked if we needed gas but we had only used about 3 gallons to get there!

After a short water and potty break, we took off and flew from west to south-southeast of Raleigh to the home of the Wings of Carolina Flying Club at Raleigh Executive (KTTA).  We landed there and I got to take a bath in Avgas!!!  I went to top-off the fuel tanks and the fuel “backflowed” all over me.  I just couldn’t get out of the way fast enough.

After washing up, we departed KTTA and set our sights back on KLHZ northeast of Raleigh.  We communicated with Raleigh Approach again and they put us directly over downtown Raleigh on our way back to KLHZ.


Our course towards KLHZ put us lined up perfectly with the runway for a straight-in approach.  We put the plane back in the hangar and logged 2.5 hours of flight time and a great tour around the Raleigh area.