Training Opportunity/Boot Camp – NEW!


Are you interested in becoming a Missionary Pilot or Preacher/Pilot?  Great Commission Aviation, in conjunction with GyroplaneGuy (, is excited to announce  our new week-long boot camps.  The camps will be located at either GyroplaneGuy’s facilities in Sebring, FL or at our alternate training facility outside of Raleigh, NC.  These camps will focus on micro-aviation in the mission field, with a primary emphasis on gyroplanes!

This boot camp consists of 10 hours of flight training, 10 hours of ground instruction, maintenance/build training in assembling and maintaining the aircraft, fellowship, discipleship and mission outreach functions.

We will be hosting 3 boot camps per year, capped at 4-5 students per camp.  These camps will be held during Spring, Summer and Fall.

The cost of the boot camp is $3,500 plus airfare to Orlando, Florida or Raleigh, North Carolina.  Great Commission Aviation personnel will pick you up in Orlando and transport you to Sebring or will pick you up at the airport in Raleigh.  No prior aviation experience is necessary!

What is required?

1) Subscribe to the International Association of Missionary Aviation Statement of Faith.

2) Raise funds necessary for the camp ($3,500 plus airfare).   All donations to Great Commission Aviation are tax deductible.

3) Commit to the training schedule, including ground school, flight lessons (approximately 2 hours day), maintenance help and assigned homework.

4) Commit to discipleship and fellowship events with Great Commission Aviation staff and fellow students.

If you feel as if God may be calling you to the Missionary Aviation field, this could be a great place to start!  Feel free to contact us at for more information.




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