Checkride prep done, getting nervous

I finished my last checkride prep flight yesterday with Richard.  The checkride requires you to plan a cross-country flight, start the flight, reach your first checkpoint within 5 minutes of the planned time and then the examiner will stop you and move on to other items.  We flew this leg of the cross-country, then I put on the vision limiting device (hood) and flew by instrument only.  Richard gave me verbal commands and then had me take the hood off and look up when I was on final with the runway about to land.  We also went over paperwork, log books, and what to expect.

However, I did not expect for an FAA observer to be there!  I was called today to let me know that the examiner would himself be observed and tested by the FAA during his test of ME.  I was told to prepare for extra detailed questions due to this.  Now, the blood pressure is starting to go up!

Friday is the day.  Please pray for my nerves and success.


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