We Need An Airplane!

Since becoming a CFI in October of 2016, I have been gaining experience in instruction with several students.  One of these students, Stephen, is a graduate of our Great Commission Aviation ground school and is planning on, one day, utilizing aviation in his vocational ministry.

We have several other prospects for flight aptitude training, and would love to market for more, but we need an airplane!  As we have explained before, Great Commission Aviation was created to train future “preacher/pilots” in the micro-aviation world.  This includes both flight training and maintenance training on these type of aircraft.  Our favorite is the Zenith 750, available as both a kit aircraft assembled in the field, or a factory-assembled aircraft.  However, these aircraft cost approximately $50,000 unassembled or double that for a completed aircraft.  We are asking that everyone give a tax-deductible gift to the acquisition of one of these aircraft and share this post with anyone who may have an interest in assisting this aviation ministry.  Thanks for your prayers and financial support!




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