2017 in Review


2017 was a very busy, activity-filled year for the family and our ministry in Great Commission Aviation.  We started off by visiting the Sun N’ Fun International Expo and Fly-In in April.  It was there that we were introduced to the gyroplane!  Since then, I have become a flight instructor in gyroplanes (in addition to airplanes) and have trained other prospective gyro pilots.  In addition, I had the awesome opportunity to attend EAA Airventure (Oshkosh) as a demonstration pilot for ELA USA gyroplanes!

Back in North Carolina, I have continued to serve as Senior Pastor at Union Chapel Baptist Church of Zebulon and still flight instruct for Civil Air Patrol and general aviation students.

Liani and I have noticed that wherever we are, I am now known as the “preacher-pilot.”  Guests have visited our church to hear the “preacher-pilot.”  What a way to be on mission!  The goal of Great Commission Aviation is to create these “preacher-pilots” and I guess it has succeeded with me.

As of last count, we have given 75 hours of flight time/flight instruction for free.  This includes free training and orientation flights to introduce Seminary students and others to the world of aviation and mission aviation.


The original intent of Great Commission Aviation was to train “preacher-pilots.”  Our mission statement, though, is “Obedience to the Great Commission through Aviation.”  While we continue to market for potential students, I have become the most visible “preacher-pilot.”  I did not envision that I would be the minister and missionary, but that is what God has orchestrated.  Through a myriad of flying opportunities, both in fixed-wing and gyroplanes, I have been able to minister to people throughout the United States (and even the Bahamas).  As we enter 2018, pray that God will continue to open doors of ministry through aviation.  Also pray how you may help in this ministry.


In the upcoming year, we plan on returning to Sun N’ Fun.  In addition, I may have the opportunity to attend the Sebring Expo, Bensen Days (gyroplane fly-in in Florida), Oshkosh and the PRA (Popular Rotorcraft Association) Annual Convention and Fly-In in Mentone, Indiana.

We will also continue with the flight instruction and ministry opportunities as they arise throughout North Carolina, the United States and wherever we are led abroad.


As we enter into the next year, all administrative items are in place.  What we need are prayers first, and funding.  Please pray, and then visit http://www.globalservicenetwork.org to give.  Simply scroll down to “Find An Associate”, enter my name (Jason Wilkinson) and voila!  Thank you for the support, both through prayer and financial.



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